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Gutter Vacuum Systems

GutterVac Omnipole's  Ultimate Gutter Cleaning System

 Guttervac is a European Registered Trade Mark

The GutterVac was created following a chance remark by a London Underground Engineer in the early hours of a November morning in 2001. Cleaning company PH Cleaning Services was contracted to clean the high level windows, frames, glazed domes, together with the stone, brickwork and cladding to the platforms of Gloucester Road Underground station using the Omnipole cleaning system.Glyn Howard a partner in PH Cleaning and MD of Omnipole Systems Ltd was on site with PH staff together with London Underground personnel when the supervising engineer said how good it would be to be able to remove accumulated debris on ledges high above the platform and escalator area from this chance a remark a prototype Omni-vac was created and the rest is history.Over years the GutterVac Gutter Cleaning Machine has been field tested and developed into the revolutionary system it is today.


 Why we promote Aerospace Alloy Suction Tubes

Aerospace Alloy Suction Tubes have been carefully selected by Omnipole Systems the inventors of Gutter vacuum Systems. In our "real time" trials over 12 years we have tested other materials such as standard grade Aluminium,Fibreglass, Carbonfibre and Hybrid materials. In our tests none of these materials gave the strength and longevity that is associated with Omnipole's Aerospace Alloy suction tubes.

Our Findings

Carbon Fibre

We discovered that although carbon fibre is a lighter material choice that is very strong it could not provide the longevity and robustness that is required by budget concious professional organisations which we supply. We also found that carbon fibre could fracture without warning under certain conditions that are encountered when cleaning gutters.


In our tests aluminium was ruled out due to its softness and therefore its  propensity to bend and eventually fracture under stress. 


Fibreglass was dismissed due to its weight and the easy wearing of the profiles when gravel,grit and stones are sucked through the profiles.

This action releases fibreglass particles into the atmosphere. We consider that the particles released may prove a health hazard in years to come.


This material was  found to be not suitable for the same reasons given for both carbon fibre and fibreglass.

GutterVac Aerospace Alloy Tubes   Tensile strength  58,000 psi more than 5 x the tensile strength of aluminium

Carbon Fibre has a Tensile strength of  15,954 psi

SymbolUnitsStd. CFHM CFE GlassStd. CF fabricE Glass fabricSteelAl
Longitudinal ModulusE1GPa171712.319.112.220772
Transverse ModulusE2GPa171712.319.112.220772
In Plane Shear ModulusG12GPa3347113088025
Poisson’s Ratiov12 .  
Tensile StrengthXtMPa11011090120120990460
Compressive StrengthXcMPa11011090120120990460


Why we use a 100 mm inlet on the GutterVac Drum

In our research we discovered that GutterVacs should have a minimum of 50 mm inlet at the vacuum drum to prevent frustrating  time consuming blockages at the drum entrance.


Time is Money and time wasted clearing  blockages is a real waste of money particularly when this issue should have been eradicated at machine design stage.

Why we reccommend 3 x 1400 watt Italian manufactured motors in the GutterVac

The GutterVac 4200 watt produces the following power
8500 LPM Suction Power
Water Lift of 2.2 m (7.15 feet)

These values are of great importance  to us and our customers.

We desire to provide equipment with the highest standards of cleaning power.

 New 3 x 1000 Watt GutterVac

After many hours of trials on a variety of smaller wattage Gutter Cleaning Machines to enable more budget orientated  contractors who serve the domestic and small commercial market. We believe we have selected for our customers  a fine machine at a very realistic cost.  The ROI will be swift and our clients investment will returned a hundred fold.